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24 easy ways to reduce, reuse and recycle

24 easy ways to reduce, reuse and recycle

It’s often the little things that count, and we can all do our bit to help the enormous collective impact we’re having on the environment by doing more to reduce, reuse and recycle.

  1. Avoid giving presents with excess packaging and wrapping, or better still, consider fabric gift wrap as a reusable alternative
  2. Reduce unsolicited mail by registering with The Mailing Preference Service
  3. Hail the return of the local milkman! Look into delivery services for milk and other produce often come in little or returnable packaging
  4. Look for solar-powered items such as garden lights, pocket calculators and watches
  5. If you can’t find a solar powered alternative, choose products that can use mains power rather than batteries
  6. Get green fingered and grow your own veggies. Even small gardens can be used to grow vegetables and herbs, or even just a windowsill
  7. Donate unwanted furniture to a furniture reuse scheme or charity shop
  8. Don’t be too quick to bin scrap paper or used envelopes. Use it for shopping lists, to-do lists and phone messages
  9. Re-use containers like butter tubs, jam jars and used glass candles for storing pens and odds and ends
  10. Donate unwanted clothing to charity shops
  11. Swap magazines with friends or give them to hospitals, doctors or dentist surgeries for their waiting rooms
  12. Donate old toys. Call your local children’s centre, preschools or hospitals to see what they can accept
  13. Opt out of Royal Mail deliveries of unaddressed mail
  14. Compost your garden waste and vegetable peelings
  15. At the supermarket, buy loose fruit and veg, rather than pre-packaged
  16. Look for refillable products when you’re buying products like detergents, household cleaners and fabric conditioner
  17. Instead of buying lots of different cleaning products for different purposes, choose a multi-purpose cleaner instead
  18. Buy reusable products instead of disposable ones, like plastic picnic tableware instead of paper, and proper napkins that can be washed and reused
  19. Look out for products made from recycled materials like toilet and kitchen rolls
  20. Be mindful of choosing things that come in recyclable packing
  21. When you’re having a home clear out or renovating your home, use a skip company like Rabbit that will recycle as much of your waste as possible
  22. Consider using reusable nappies rather than disposable ones
  23. Pack your lunch in a reusable box instead of wrapping it in foil or cling film
  24. At work, only print or photocopy when absolutely necessary, and when you do, use the double-sided printing option to cut down on paper

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