Commercial & Residential Skip Hire

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One of the most useful services we provide for our customers is skip hire. It’s often the case during a domestic refurbishment or perhaps even a commercial renovation, that a skip will be needed to dispose of waste. Of course, there are many other occasions where a skip will be required when disposing of waste.

At Rabbit Group, we’re proud to offer a range of commercial and residential

The Importance Of Efficient Waste Disposal For Business

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The operation of a business encompasses many different aspects. From bookkeeping to maintenance to payroll and more – it’s all about having many different processes working together with a common goal.

One of these processes is waste management. Most businesses will accrue some kind of commercial waste. It’s worth mentioning that waste disposal for business is somewhat different to residential waste management in a typical household… read the rest of “The Importance Of Efficient Waste Disposal For Business”

Putting Rubbish to Good Use

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We’ve been working closely with Manhattan to help them achieve their objective of minimising the effects of our operation on the environment.

With Rabbit’s help Manhattan have gradually been reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill sites. Together we now turn over 98% of their waste materials into electricity, which is then fed back into the national grid.

Manhattan have been using Rabbit’s… read the rest of “Putting Rubbish to Good Use”