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Beaches of the World Form a Coastline Covered in Plastic

Posted on 17/09/14, filed under Litter, Waste | No Comments

This year is the 21st anniversary of the Beachwatch Big Weekend (19th – 22nd September) and to mark the occasion people all across the nation will be taking part in a Great British beach clean.

It may come as a shock that since 1997 the amount of marine litter in the UK has almost doubled, with 40.4% of the litter coming from the public. Plastic is topping the… read the rest of “Beaches of the World Form a Coastline Covered in Plastic”

7 Steps to Zero Waste

Posted on 28/08/14, filed under Green Business, Recycling, Waste Disposal | No Comments

“The dustbin of Europe” is how the UK was described back in 2007 and although the situation has improved, unfortunately landfill is currently still the main method of waste management in the UK.

Landfill sites are not a long term solution for waste management, and in 2010, analysis by the Local Government Association forecast that Britain would reach its landfill limit in 2018.

National Zero Waste

How to Keep the Countryside Clean

Posted on 29/07/14, filed under Recycling, Waste Disposal | No Comments

Litter and waste dumped all over the countryside is becoming a big problem in the UK. 122 tonnes of cigarette butts and related litter alone is dropped every day in the UK, with fast food wrappers topping the list.

Apart from spoiling the natural beauty of our countryside, litter has huge implications for the health of both animals and people, as well as the state of the environment –… read the rest of “How to Keep the Countryside Clean”