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Did You Know…? Amazing Facts About Recycling Today

Posted on 28/02/14, filed under Fresh News | No Comments

The main recycling groups are Cardboard/Paper, Glass, Metal and Plastic. You might be surprised at the types of products which can be made from recycling these materials.

Did you know cardboard and paper can be recycled five times? Yes, really. Cardboard and paper is recycled an average of five times into new packaging products, and newspapers and magazines – which can then go on to be used as animal… read the rest of “Did You Know…? Amazing Facts About Recycling Today”

Upcycle Before You Recycle

Posted on 29/01/14, filed under Recycling | No Comments

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – the three Rs of waste management.

Yes, there are three essential components to managing the waste we all produce at home and at work, but why is it that the third ‘R’ tends to be the only one we really adhere to?

Because it’s easy.

Each household gets given a recycling bin and a list of recyclable items, then all we simply have… read the rest of “Upcycle Before You Recycle”

Commercial Recycling Services For Your Business

Posted on 17/01/13, filed under News | No Comments

Rabbit Group is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive and reliable waste management services available. With a wide variety of commercial recycling services available with everything from industrial and retail applications to a full delivery and collection service, meaning you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Recycling is a key part of our mission at Rabbit Group, we are committed to reusing and