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Putting Rubbish to Good Use

Posted on 10/09/12, filed under Fresh News | 2 Comments

We’ve been working closely with Manhattan to help them achieve their objective of minimising the effects of our operation on the environment.

With Rabbit’s help Manhattan have gradually been reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill sites. Together we now turn over 98% of their waste materials into electricity, which is then fed back into the national grid.

Manhattan have been using Rabbit’s… read the rest of “Putting Rubbish to Good Use”

Managing Commercial Waste in Construction & Builders Merchants

Posted on 02/07/12, filed under Fresh News | No Comments

There are a lot of construction and building trades around most of the country, and this has resulted in the common site of a skip outside or within the boundaries of a particular project. This is used to quickly and efficiently dispose of waste amassed during the building process, but there is not often much consideration as to where this waste ends up.

The reality is that most… read the rest of “Managing Commercial Waste in Construction & Builders Merchants”

The Importance of Waste Management in Trade

Posted on 22/06/12, filed under Fresh News | No Comments

Managing waste is an integral part of our day-to-day lives. It’s become, in recent times, less about disposal and more about management. One could differentiate between the two perhaps by saying that management is more about the overall processing of waste, as opposed to merely throwing it away.

Nowhere is this more important than in commercial sectors. Trade waste management is important not only for effective… read the rest of “The Importance of Waste Management in Trade”