About Rabbit Group

Established in Sussex in 1988, the Rabbit Group is a family firm that is committed to turning commercial and industrial waste into green energy, making our landscape cleaner and greener for everyone.

From our extensive waste recycling and waste processing site at Lancing in West Sussex, we offer a Sussex skip hire service for the collection and recycling of waste from Bognor Regis in the west, to Seaford in the east and Horsham in the north.

Our business has grown through a passion for reliability and attention to customer care, maintaining the advantages that only a family-run business can achieve.

That's why, over the years, Rabbit Group has expanded to provide toilet hire, demolition and plant hire services which are now available throughout Sussex, and in Surrey, London, Hampshire and Kent.


Recycling is, and will continue to be, an essential part of our waste disposal strategy, but it does not hold all the answers. Realistically, the UK is not geared up for 100% recycling, nor is it prepared to pay the true price for it.

So we set off on a complementary path and, after looking at all the possible options, decided to build our Energy Recovery Facility, to ensure waste would be processed in an environmentally responsible way.

In 2008, having won the approval of neighbours, gained all the necessary planning permissions from the local council, been granted the licences from the Environment Agency and having invested over £15M, Rabbit opened the UK’s first privately-funded, biomass Energy Recovery Facility in Lancing, West Sussex. It is capable of generating up to 5MW of green energy which is sold onto the national grid.

At Rabbit we continue to seek ways to innovate and demonstrate efficient waste disposal in the most environmentally friendly way possible in the years to come.

So, if you choose Rabbit to manage your waste, you can be certain that almost all of it, currently 97%, is recycled, either as materials or biofuel, and does not end up in a landfill.


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