Who are WRAP?

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Rabbit Group is proud to be an active member of the wider waste community. Have you spotted our partners and the organisations we’re part of on our homepage? One organisation we’re associated with is the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP).

What do WRAP do?

WRAP is a UK charity set up to help organisations achieve… read the rest of “Who are WRAP?”

The frightening truth about Halloween waste

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The frightening truth about Halloween waste

Halloween is a time for spooky fun, scary costumes, trick-or-treating with the kids and an excess of sweets. But there’s a dark undertone to the festivities, and that’s the huge amount of waste that’s produced.

18,000 pumpkins are sent to landfill each year

Pumpkins are great fun to carve scary faces into, with some streets… read the rest of “The frightening truth about Halloween waste”

The problem with plastic bottles

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The problem with plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are getting a lot of attention for the devastating effect they are having on our environment and oceans. Plastic bottles are the third most common ocean polluter after cigarettes and food packaging and are causing enormous damage to our oceans.

The world is producing too much plastic

The Guardian states… read the rest of “The problem with plastic bottles”