Waste Management Chief Executive Officer

Greg Blurton

Chief Executive Officer

Greg started the company back in 1988 with one lorry and five skips, which he drove himself. His background was in engineering and over the years he has applied a logical and energetic approach to the way he has built the business. This approach has certainly paid off because Rabbit Group is now a major player locally in Waste Collection and Recycling, Renewable Energy, Plant Hire and Demolition services. Whilst the commercial success of the business has always been his goal, he is also very proud of the support that Rabbit Group is able to provide to local sporting teams and charities. Greg says, “I like to think of Rabbit Group as being part of the community,” and hopes people feel the same when they see a Rabbit Skip.

Waste Management Executive Officer

Mandy Bridson

Executive Officer

Although the business has grown substantially since it was first started, Mandy is still passionate about offering the level of service and care that customers expect from a family business and to ensure that all of the staff never lose sight of the company’s roots. Mandy maintains an active involvement in the pursuit of enhancing the opportunities for both Rabbit Group and other local businesses, as well as for the younger generations. Sitting on various committees, whether it be for businesses or associations that Rabbit Group sponsors and supports, is just one of the many ways that she works to provide such opportunities. Mandy is very proud of everything she has achieved with Rabbit, saying, “We have built a strong team here at Rabbit and we are all committed to providing the best service we can to our existing and new customers alike.”

Waste Management Managing Director

Mick Adams

Managing Director

Mick joined the team at Rabbit Group in the summer of 2006 with the primary objective of developing and delivering the Biomass Energy from Waste plant, part of the company’s commitment to green waste management. Once the plant was operational, he took over its management to ensure maximum recycling and minimum landfill.  Mick’s background is in engineering and construction, but it is his wealth of experience in management which has lead him to move to a more central position within Rabbit Group, where he is now involved in management across all activities. Describing his time at Rabbit Group, Mick says, “It has been very enjoyable and provided a number of challenges, which as a team we have overcome. We now continue to move the business forward in a positive way and I look forward to the challenges that this will undoubtedly bring.”