Sustainability at Rabbit Group

Our Commitment to a Greener Future

At Rabbit Group, we are acutely aware of the environmental challenges facing our planet. Our commitment to sustainability is woven through every aspect of our operations, from waste management to plant hire, demonstrating our dedication to a greener future. Through innovative practices and continual improvements, we aim not just to reduce our environmental impact but to lead by example.

Sustainable Operations Across Divisions

Innovation and Recycling: Our journey towards sustainability is marked by an innovative approach to waste management. At the heart of our operations is the belief that most waste can find a new purpose. Through our Energy Recovery Facility, we divert waste from landfills, converting it into valuable energy. This facility underscores our commitment, proving that with the right technology and determination, waste can be a resource rather than a burden.

Energy Efficiency: The shift towards electric and hybrid company vehicles across the Group where viable epitomises our dedication to reducing emissions. In our quest for greener operations, we are exploring the electrification of our plant and fleet vehicles. This transition not only reflects our environmental responsibility but also sets a benchmark for sustainability in our industry.

A Paperless Vision: Embracing digital transformation, Rabbit Group is moving towards a paperless environment. By digitising our processes, from invoicing to staff training records, we are significantly reducing our paper use. This initiative not only minimises our environmental footprint but also streamlines our operations, proving that sustainability and efficiency go hand-in-hand.

Division-Specific Practices

Each division of Rabbit Group brings its unique approach to sustainability:

Rabbit Skip Hire ensures that materials are recycled wherever possible and also champions wood waste-only skip hire To learn more, visit Rabbit Skips' sustainability page.

Rabbit Plant Hire focuses on upgrading to energy-efficient machinery, demonstrating our investment in greener equipment. To learn more, visit Rabbit Plant’s sustainability page.

Rabbit Demolition leverages our Energy Recovery Plant to minimise waste, embodying our recycle-first approach. To learn more, visit Rabbit Demolition’s sustainability page.

Rabbit Toilet Hire uses eco-friendly measures to enhance sustainability in toilet hire services. To learn more, visit Rabbit Toilet’s sustainability page.

Looking Ahead

While we are proud of the steps we have taken, we recognise that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We are continually exploring new technologies and practices that can enhance our environmental performance. From investigating the potential of hydrogen as a green fuel to enhancing our recycling capabilities, Rabbit Group is committed to innovation in sustainability.

As we move forward, we will continue to seek out opportunities to reduce our environmental impact, invest in sustainable technologies, and inspire others in our industry to join us in making a difference for our planet.